March for Science Phoenix is a diverse, nonpartisan group that defends and celebrates publicly funded and publicly accessible science as a foundation of American freedom and prosperity. Our goal is to become a bastion of scientific engagement in the Valley through a variety of outreach and advocacy programs. We believe that the best way to protect the integrity of evidence and enact sound policy in our state is by encouraging the public to value and invest in science.



March for Science Phoenix was established in January of 2017. We were a collective of science enthusiasts from the community that came together and planned a rally, March and science expo in Downtown Phoenix on April 22, 2017. With 14,000 people in attendance, the 2017 march was a massive success, and City of Phoenix Mayor, Greg Stanton, issued a proclamation officially declaring it March for Science Day. Our Science Expo featured 35 booths representing various departments from Arizona State University; the University of Arizona; student organizations from local colleges, universities and K-12 schools; various City of Phoenix departments; local STEM related businesses; non-profits; and grassroots organizations. Additionally, our event featured two dozen speakers including scientists in academia and industry, school teachers, students, and various elected officials.

In August of 2017, March for Science Phoenix became an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and shortly thereafter began launching programs with a focus on education and advocacy for science in the Phoenix metro area.



In October 2018, we launched our first program, the Spirit of Science. This exciting and interactive program brings scientists to life, as actors demonstrate to elementary and middle school children the important contributions each has made to the field of science. With a focus on underrepresented minorities, such notable figures as Ada Lovelace, Alan Turing, and Hypatia of Alexandria share their experiences with children in small group settings. Students interact with approximately ten scientists with the goal of advancing science education and literacy through engaging with researchers who have helped form our understanding of the world.



Our Meet the Scientist program aims to improve science outreach and communication by bringing real life scientists into the classroom to share their innovative and pioneering research with K-12 students. From academia to industry, graduate students to professionals, our diverse group of scientists will expose children to the real-world activities of researchers in our local community in order to captivate curious minds and inspire the next generation of scientists.



Our upcoming event on April 14th, 2018 will again include a rally, March and Science Expo. We plan to have booths representing local non-profit organizations that promote science, for-profit businesses that offer science programs, and a science fair showcasing the work of local students. We are emphasizing that interactive activities be included in the booth displays and will have food trucks present to add to the festival-like atmosphere of this celebration of science.



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